Support Colony - Make Your Own Nuc.

Commercial beekeepers always have nucs available to support their production hives. Recreational beekeepers can do the same. Have your own support colony next to your main hive. Do you have a Flow Hive? Have a nuc to support the Flow Hive, keeping it queenright, strong and productive. Late Spring and Early Summer is an excellent time to do a split and establish a support colony.

A Support Colony…

  1. The best place to keep a backup Queen.

  2. Donate a frame of brood to strengthen your main hive.

  3. Donate a frame of honey/pollen during the absence of floral resources.

  4. Insurance against unforeseen events.

Note: when transferring frames between hives always consider Biosecurity issues.

A Support Colony gives you more options when managing your beehive.

So, make your own nuc today.

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