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Sick of Bee Stings?

Sick of bee stings?

Beekeepers get stung! Have you come across a beekeeper who says, “I love my bees”, but the bees never love them back? Instead, they have stories of bee stings.

How do I reduce bee stings?

1) Have a well-lit smoker with ample cool smoke. Your smoker is your best "bee behaviour" management tool. Light smoking of the bees will reduce bee stings. If you do get stung, apply smoke to the area. When bees sting, they release a pheromone which draws other bees to the area. So, you can get stung repeatedly in the same area. Smoke masks the pheromone.

2) Wear your personal protective equipment. A good quality loose-fitting bee suit with gloves is invaluable. Yes, beekeepers brag about how they can work their bees without a bee suit. It is never recommended.

3) Open your beehive in the afternoon on a warm day. A third of your bees will be out foraging. Unfortunately, it is the foraging bees that often display the most defensive stinging behaviour.

4) If the bees are too much, walk away. Come back in half an hour when the bees have settled.


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