Say Goodbye to Summer.

Goodbye Summer.

As Summer comes to a close, it is time to think about the beekeeping year ahead. Do a final summer inspection of your bee colony strength, honey and pollen resources stored in the hive. Make notes, take photos or make a video on your phone as your reference. Post a photo of your bees or upload a video.

Autumn Hive Inspection.

In Autumn, you should plan to do a full brood inspection for pests and diseases. A full brood inspection is a close visual inspection of each brood frame (without bees) for brood pests and diseases. Not sure what to do? Find someone who can help.

Apiary Visit: Autumn Hive Inspection.

You can book an Adelaide Bee Sales Apiary visit to learn how to do your own hive health inspections, see options for supplementary feeding and prepare your hive to overwinter.

Autumn Feeding.

The recommended food reserves for your bees to overwinter is pollen stored in some frames and 10 kg of honey in your hive.

If you do not have sufficient food stores in the hive, then consider supplementary feeding. Do your feeding of bees in Autumn to prevent starvation in Winter. A thick sugar syrup (2:1 ratio) is the best in Autumn, and the bees store it like honey.

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