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Is your beehive expanding or contracting?

Updated: Feb 28

Expanding or Contracting? Do you have an expanding population of bees?

  • Expanding population. More eggs and larvae than capped brood means expansion.

  • Stable population. One frame of eggs, two larvae, and three capped brood frames.

  • Declining population. Your bees are ‘shutting down’ for winter and making a smaller cluster. Your beehive will have more capped brood with fewer eggs and larvae.

Another factor to consider is the amount of pollen and honey stored in frames. Bees with little honey stores will need feeding with sugar syrup. Weak hives (three of four frames of bees) should be put in a nuc box or merged with a strong hive.

Take a good look in your beehives.

Book now for this Saturday. Some spots left. Last training event with live bees for the 2022-23 season.

We are running an Autumn Hive Management training day on March 4th at the U3A centre, Modbury. Come along and learn how to prepare your hive for winter.

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