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How Many Beekeepers are in Australia?

The honey bee industry is an economically important sector of the agricultural industry. In Australia.

There are about 30,000 beekeepers who manage 669,000 hives. About 1800 are commercial beekeepers who operate 50 or more hives; the rest are recreational beekeepers who work fewer than 50 hives.

Beekeepers are located in all Australian states and territories. In 2019-20, the annual value of honey and beeswax production was $129 million. The honey bee industry also provides pollination services to a variety of horticulture and broadacre industries, with the economic value of managed and wild honey bee pollinators, estimated to lie

between $8.35 billion and $19.97 billion in 2014-15.

The honey bee industry produces some other products, including queen bees and packaged bees, pollen, bee venom, royal jelly, and propolis.

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