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Have you heard of the Varroa Mite Incursion?

Varroa Mite Incursion. On June 22nd, varroa mites were discovered in sentinel beehives at the Port of Newcastle (NSW) and a biosecurity zone (50km radius) has been established.

The NSW Department of Primary Industry and the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) have initiated the national response plan. The local coordination centre is in Maitland (NSW).

The varroa mite incursion will add to your Spring beehive inspection. If you have never done a Sugar Shake for exotic pests, then it is time to learn. Our next Spring Hive Management training will include the Sugar Shake method.

Different Things. Beekeeping is different things to different people. For some, it is a business; for others a way to supplement income from their day job. Then for others, a pleasure, delving into an intense learning experience.

Successful Beekeeping. Beekeepers must anticipate what we find when inspecting a bee hive rather than merely react to it. Successful beekeeping involves maintaining healthy hives. In addition, beekeepers now must prevent their bees from becoming a nuisance, and take part in surveillance against the incursion of exotic pests (varroa mites).


For more information about Varroa Mites download the NSW DPI fact sheet.

NSW DPI Varroa mites
Download PDF • 180KB

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