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Have you heard about Meldanda?

The Make Your Own Queens two-day training is going to be at Meldanda on March 18-19, 2022. We are looking forward to Kevin Tracy, commercial queen breeder and qualified beekeeping educator returning to SA to teach the course.

Meldanda is a 40 hectare property situated along the River Marne just outside of Cambrai. It has an education building and space for the bees. We will be free to roam the 40 hectares and camping is allowed with toilet and shower facilities. Did I say there is plenty of room for the bees!

There are gardens - Butterfly Garden, Fire Retardant Display Garden, Community Bushgardens, Bushtucker Garden, Spiny Daisy Nursery, Native Grass Seed Orchard, and Production Broombush Garden.

It has camping! If you are coming to the training, you are welcome to camp for a night or two. Off the grid camping is available at the site with toilet and shower facilities.

It has Dark Sky status. Dark Sky status means high quality astronomical observations. So camp overnight and bring your telescope to admire the stars.

But we will be there for Make Your Own Queens training!

See you there. Phil Marshall. Adelaide Bee Sales.


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