Bring your BUZZ!

(Report from the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market - World Bee Day)

The market is a buzz for bee day!

A cool autumn morning saw the start of the 2nd annual Bee Day celebrations at the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market last Saturday.

The market, in conjunction with the Australian Farmers Market Association, partnered with the WHEEN Bee Foundation to highlight the importance of bees and other pollinators in the environment. Locally the market linked up with the South Australian Beekeepers Association (BSSA), who brought their knowledge and expertise to the successful day.

The large crowd were enlightened by a special guest speaker Trisha Blanks from the BSSA who spoke about keeping bees. And native bees were the topic of choice for Doreen Von Linde from the Barossa Bush gardens. The newly released children's book Fly Baby Bee by Australian author Stewart Clark Hanshaw was a big hit with the children as told by Bev Lane in beehive corner. The honey trail was a popular activity with the market buzzing with children's anticipation.

Apiarist Phil Marshall from Adelaide Bee Sales ran a beekeeping experience and was thrilled with the morning saying “The beekeeping experience was a successful activity, with almost over 50 adults and children enjoying the experience and gaining real insight into beekeeping.”

The market was a sea of yellow as patrons were encouraged to wear their best ‘bee outfit’ to show their support for bee populations.

All in all it was a BEE-eautiful day!

A big thank you to all the volunteers, without our precious volunteers these event days wouldn't happen!

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