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BEYOND BEGINNERS - beekeeper training with Kevin Tracy.

Are you ready to move BEYOND the basics of beekeeping?

In February 2022, there is an opportunity to spend time with Kevin Tracy, a Qualified Beekeeper Educator and Queen Breeder from Qld.

Come along and have a great day with other beekeepers. Gain knowledge, learn skills and share experiences.

Beyond Beginners course information.

If you want to move beyond the basics, then this course is for you.

Note: “Beyond Beginner” assumes that you have some experience with beekeeping.

This is an opportunity to establish better beekeeping practices for successful

outcomes. And to confirm that you are “on the right track”.

You will spend time with the bees, with instructions and answering your questions.

Topics covered will include:

  • Basic bee anatomy and roles of castes

  • Different hive designs

  • Splitting a Honey bee colony to increase

  • Swarm management and How to catch

  • “Tips” for how to find a Queen bee, including practical exercise

  • Replacing a Queen bee

  • Honey bee health

  • Brood frame manipulation, including practical exercise

There will be questions answered, new insights, and practice methods for you.

Refresh your knowledge and learn new skills; there is always more to learn.

Come along; it will be an informative and fun day.

See you there. Feb 19 in Adelaide or Feb 20 in Renmark.

Kevin Tracy.


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