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Bee Stings.

Beekeepers get stung!

It is considered a workplace hazard that needs to be safely managed. Usually, the first few stings of the new season hurt the most. Well, they do for me, as my body gets used to bee venom after the winter break. So, what is your worst bee sting?

Nucs. If you have purchased a nuc from Adelaide Bee Sales, the first nucs will be released to customers mid/late September. Very exciting! Overwintered nucs have Autumn queens.

The first thing to do for your new bees is to create a nutritionally rich environment so that the bees will build up quickly.

Supplementary feeding is the key. Each nuc comes with a pollen patty in the corflute box and a replacement patty for the first month. Also, you will need to feed 1:1 sugar syrup (one part white sugar to one part water) for a month. Feed... Feed... Feed...

There are various methods of feeding sugar syrup to bees. The best methods uses an internal or entrance feeder. Would you please make sure that you have a feeder before picking up your bees?

New Beekeeper. If you a new to beekeeping, then there is lots to learn. The best Australian published beekeeping book is Robert Owen’s “Australian Beekeeping Manual” 2nd ed. (new Flow Hive chapter).

A new batch has arrived, and I am offering them for sale $60 with FREE POSTAGE.

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