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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Beekeeping.

My journey into beekeeping began through another beekeeping friend. After listening to many beekeeping stories, I thought “I can do that!”

So what did I do? I watched videos about catching bee swarms. The videos made it look easy. Off I went to catch a bee swarm. After finding a swarm and rehousing them in a second-hand beehive in the backyard of our suburban home, my beekeeping ‘apprenticeship’ began.

My knowledge and experiences built up slowly through successes and failures. Beekeepers Society of South Australia gave me some excellent advice and hands-on training.


I have now completed Certificate III in Beekeeping through Tocal College in NSW, and now full time with beekeeping.

There is always something to learn in beekeeping. No two beehives are the same and no two seasons are the same!

Enjoy the beekeeping journey. 

Consider coming to one of my events below. It will be great to meet you and share in the beekeeping experience.

Phil, Adelaide Bee Sales. 

Qualified, Registered and Insured.

No upcoming events at the moment
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